Liz believes that we know our own bodies better than anyone else. We are each on a unique path of self-awareness and discovery; learning how to navigate the connections between body, mind and spirit. If we learn how to tune in to our body's signals, we can direct our recovery from an injury; whether it is new or old. For many of us, a physical injury is the first step to this body-mind-connection awareness.

Liz will assess your body mechanics and posture through biomechanical movement analysis and teach you exercises to strengthen (and in some cases, simply remember how to activate) the muscles that have been working too hard or not enough. Through joint and tissue mobilization and proper breathing, you can free "stuck" parts so that your entire body will move more efficiently and with less pain!

Liz is trained in Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, Yoga, Pilates, AcuPressure, and Athletic Training. Wherever you are in your recovery, she can help you heal and return to your fitness goals. After your initial evaluation, you will decide how much time each session is dedicated to therapeutic exercise and/or manual treatment.

Please come to your sessions with presence and an open heart/mind when you are truly ready to heal yourself.