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Cultivating a Sustainable Core:

Prevent Injuries and Improve Performance by Combining Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Yoga, and Strength and Conditioning Principles

What is the Core? It is much more than the abdominal muscles. Discover your physical and energetic center while learning how to move more efficiently in this workshop. We will review and discuss core anatomy, applied pranayama (efficient breathing), and spinal alignment through the combined lenses of a yoga therapist, physical therapist, athletic trainer, and strength and conditioning specialist.

You will experience learning through lecture, movement, and self-inquiry. Beginners and experienced teachers/therapists alike are welcome. There will be an hour of gentle, all levels, therapeutic core yoga sequence followed by an hour lecture with plenty of movement breaks. Tea and light snacks will be served. Arrive scent-free please.

Next offering: Saturday, December 8, 2018. Body Temple Studio.
Oakland, California. 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

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Can’t make the December workshop? No worries, the next one is Sunday, January 27th, 1:00 – 4:00 PM
at Gaia Yoga 39 Washington Avenue Richmond, CA 94801

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What are people saying about the recent core workshops?

Thanks so much for such a helpful workshop.  It exceeded my expectations and I feel that I have a much better sense for what is going on in my body.  (I can finally put all of the pieces together!).   -RP

“It was a pleasure meeting (Liz). (She has) a kind smile and spirit. I appreciated the hands on adjustments to feel proper alignment while I was in the pose–especially in plank. I know now that my stomach needs to be lower to the ground for proper plank.
I very much appreciated the academic research references to back up and connect what we do on the mat.
Thank you for a very informative and insightful session!” – BG

After attending Liz’s  core workshop I was very aware of my abdominal muscles. You may know that sensation. Where you could be occupying yourself washing dishes or reading a book, but you’re still reminded, “I have abdominal muscles!” It turns out your “core” is made up of many more things than just those muscles covering your stomach. This one of many things I learned through this content packed workshop.

Maybe you’ve done a yoga workshop, perhaps a Pilates class or had session with a personal trainer? Liz is offering something wholly unique in the overcrowded ecosystem of self-improvement. Check the credentials! I did. She has so many letters after her name I had to google them. Seriously. This woman is synthesizing her experience studying cutting-edge western health disciplines and ancient eastern systems of medicine to bring us a workshop that integrates it all together.
Part scientist, part alchemist Liz has the exceptional ability to generate many an  “Aha!” moment from attendees. Worth its weight in gold!



Ongoing Continuing Education Opportunity for Licensed Physical Therapists and Certified Athletic Trainers:

Yoga Therapeutics to Cultivate a Sustainable Core
through (formerly known as and

Please register here. (Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists pay only $99 for a year of unlimited CEUs).

Watch for Part 2, Practical and Clinical Applications coming March 22, 2019!

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Chakra Workshop
Liz teaching at a past Chakra and Fascia Workshop

 Chakras, Fascia, and Sound Healing Workshop

Discover and experience the deep healing that comes from the subtle vibrations within our own bodies and from the Universe. This workshop focuses on activating the Chakras by combining lecture, gentle yoga practice, and sound healing facilitated through special crystal bowls and healing sound vibrations. The lecture combines ancient wisdom from Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the latest scientific research on muscle and fascia anatomy, neurotransmitters, and healing resonances. The sound healing will be performed by Robert Hamaker, a professional symphonic percussionist who has dedicated his skills to promoting chakra alignment. The lecture and yoga practice will be presented and guided by seasoned physical therapist and yogini, Liz Duncanson, of Body Temple Physical Therapy in Oakland, with over 20 years of experience in the healing arts and sports medicine. 4 hours.

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